Credit Cards

MasterCard® Credit Cards

"There are some things money can't buy and for everything else there is MasterCard®"

OMISTA Credit Union offers a wide variety of cards to suit your every need, plus, with the CHOICE REWARDS® program, you receive points which are redeemable for free travel and brand-name merchandise. Visit one of our 4 locations and pick up your MasterCard® application today!


It's like using a debit card or writing a cheque, but with the flexibility of a credit card.

Convenience of a credit card at no cost.

Low Fee

This card has the perfect combination of features at a great price.


This card is designed to provide you with exceptional coverage and convenience.

This prestigious card will appeal to your need for convenience, security and sense of adventure. It also offers an exclusive travel reward program.


Start building a credit rating - before you enter the workforce.

This MasterCard® is perfect for small businesses who want financial convenience.

Not sure which card is right for you? Decide which is right for your credit, coverage and travel needs using our Credit Card Comparison tool.

To learn about how CUETS helps protect your money with their MasterCard® Cardholder protection services please click here.

To report a lost or stolen credit card, call 1-800-LOST-111 (1-800-567-8111), or if outside North America call collect at 1-306-566-1276.


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