Your Credit Union

Credit Unions are full-service financial institutions with a difference.

How do you make solid financial decisions, while making the place you live even better? It starts with becoming a customer at a Credit Union. Join more than 5 million customers who believe that being good with money means so much more.

OMISTA Credit Union. A Better Way to Bank.

OMISTA Credit Union offers all the products and services that big banks do, but with a big difference.

OMISTA is a full-service financial institution that operates with the best interests of our customers and community in mind. Our team of Credit Union financial experts focus on your unique situation and goals to help you make smart financial decisions that work for you. We can help you manage your money right too, and save it for what really matters.

Credit Unions are unique from other financial institutions in that they are not owned by shareholders; they're owned by you. As an owner, you can take pleasure in knowing that it's not wealthy shareholders who dictate what happens with your money, it's you and people like you.

That means:

  •     Understanding the best way to serve you is our top priority

  •     Decisions are made in the markets where we operate

  •     Profits are reinvested locally to benefit you, your Credit Union, and our shared communities, not external shareholders

  •     Customer deposits and loans strengthen and help build and enhance our local economies


Contact us today to see what honest banking can do for you. No obligation, no strings. Just sound advice from our financial professionals who are focused on you and your needs.