Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors

A Credit Union Board of Directors is a governance group whose decisions direct OMISTA’s operations. They are local policy makers and instrumental in effecting positive change to ensure growth and prosperity for OMISTA Credit Union, its members, and the community. Directors encourage change by overseeing management practices, encouraging technological innovation and updating services to respond to customer needs.


OMISTA directors work in a team-oriented environment with exciting opportunities. All directors must take part in an accredited national training program, Credit Union Director Achievement (CUDA). This nationally recognized financial industry program allows you to develop the skills necessary to function as an effective Credit Union director.

Jack Low, President

Frances LeBlanc, Vice President
Rayanne Brennan, Secretary

Shawni Beaulieu

Pat Duffield

Claire Fanning, Past Chairperson

Ajit Gautam

Simon Pacey

Linda Schofield