Security and Ease of Access

New Security Features

*Please note these changes will also require a new method of logging into online banking by individuals who are joint on accounts.

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OMISTA is introducing new security enhancements to our Online Banking to help keep your information safe. With these upgrades, login details stored using the “Memorized Account” feature will be reset.

What does this mean for you?

If you use the Memorized Account feature to store your member login number, you will need to re-enter this information along with your personal access code (PAC) the first time you attempt to sign into Online Banking after the upgrades are complete.  If you would like to re-memorize your login details, you will have the option to select Remember Me, to save your information for future sign-ins.

Ahead of the upgrade, we recommend taking a moment to make sure you know your member login number and, if needed to make note of this number somewhere safe.

2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification is a new security measure within Online Banking that serves to replace the existing use of security questions. During higher-risk logins, you will now be sent a short, one time use unique code that you must enter to confirm your identity before continuing into your online banking.

To set-up 2-Step Verification, click the log-in button on the home screen of online banking and follow the prompts to register. You will need to provide either your mobile phone number or email address for the code to be sent.

Have a question about 2-Step Verification? Check here for the answer. Don’t see your question? We’re here to help! Contact your branch.